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Suruli Falls,Theni | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Suruli Falls

Suruli Falls, Theni

Suruli Falls
Suruli RF,Theni-625 516.
Hills Station :- Suruli Falls.
00:00 AM to 00:00 PM and 00:00 PM to 00:00 PM .
Entrance Tickets 00:00(N/A)

Suruli Falls : -           

            The Suruli Falls is also known as Cloudland Falls and Megamalai Falls. It falls from a height of around 150 ft. The ideal time to visit this place is between the months of June and October. There are several caves near the falls, including the Kailasanathar Temple Cave, located at a height of 800 m. The cave is known to have a spring with healing powers.

A dargah named after Abubacker Masthan, a Muslim mystic, can be visited from here. It is believed that Abubacker Masthan used to live here in the 1630s. The dargah is the place where his body was buried. The Suruli Velappar Temple, dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, is also located near the falls. The temple is visited by a large number of worshippers on every Saturday of the Tamil month of Chithirai.