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Vattaparai Falls, Bhoothapandi ,Kanniyakumari | Tourist Information | South Tamilnadu
Vattaparai Falls, Bhoothapandi

Vattaparai Falls, Bhoothapandi , Kanniyakumari

Vattaparai Falls, Bhoothapandi
Boothapandy,Kanyakumari-629 852.
Hills Station :- Vattaparai Falls.
00:00 AM to 00:00 PM and 00:00 PM to 00:00 PM .
Entrance Tickets 00:00(N/A)

Vattaparai Falls : -             

            It is located in the Keeriparaireserve forest near Bhoothapandi village on the Pazhayar River in Kanyakumari district. It is 13 km from Nagercoil and 32 km from Kanyakumari. This 20 km² area is proposed to be a Wildlife Sanctuary. Vattaparai Falls is the fall in Kanyakumari district.

 This 20 km? area is proposed to be a Wildlife Sanctuary. There are a few small waterfalls in this area - the nicer ones being Vattaparai Falls and Kalikesam falls. There is a small Kali temple, next to the falls. This is a very serene and undeveloped place with only one small tea stall.

One can enjoy water rushing through small mountain streams, ferns and pebbles in the rainforests. The falls are surrounded by forest on all sides and forms part of an active animal corridor. The long stream is pollution-free.